The process of modifying an e-shop image, such as color correction, object removal, clipping path, background removal, and placement, is called product photo editing. Making your e-shop photographs appealing to potential buyers is the primary objective of our product photo editing.

Cleaning and editing product images

To help your product photos become profitable, we provide simple picture retouching, color correction, ink shadow removal, and white balance adjustment. Another step that is required to get rid of any distracting factors is cleaning.

Ghost dummy method

We use various 3D effects to help buyers have a better concept of how particular clothes would look on them. We can quickly create a ghost mannequin using your product photographs, which is the most popular way.

Including reflections and shadows

The way that consumers view products is greatly influenced by shadows. Fixing shadows is part of our effort to preserve a realistic appearance when retouching product images. Reflections are a crucial additional modification. This is particularly crucial for objects whose surfaces are made of glass.

Components that have been overpainted

You can take a picture of one product and then hire our product coloring services if you have other comparable products that are colored differently. We ensure that every hue seems vibrant without having a “striking effect.”

Cutting a path or masking

Use our cutting path services to remove your goods from its original background if necessary. Our retouchers meticulously capture the product’s exact dimensions and forms.

Turn and reposition

Products can be displayed more creatively by rotating, and you can draw attention to specific things by resizing them. We provide the visual information that consumers desire to learn as much as possible about a product.

Background elimination

One of the most crucial phases of image processing for e-commerce is this one. The neutral backdrop can be taken out and swapped out for a transparent or pure white background. We alter the original background based on your specifications as well as the rules established by the specific online trading platform.

Fixing symmetry, liquefaction, and transformation

More product details may be shown in the redesign. You can push or pull individual pixels with the liquefaction approach without sacrificing quality. In order to enhance symmetry and make your products look fantastic, we also employ specialized product retouching equipment.

Artistic manipulation of product images

To make your e-shop photographs look flawless, we work with color temperature profiles, enhance vibrancy to draw in customers, reduce noise, tweak product outlines, and create seams.

We modify glass and shiny goods.

To naturally adjust reflections and remove stains, dirt, and fingerprints from glass and sparkling objects, our retouchers employ only expert processes. Request that our managers ascertain the expense of retouching a product of this caliber.

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